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Hello everyone my name is Julia, owner and founder of Julia's Beautique & Skin Care, which was opened in 2004. I have over 34 years of experience in skin care and waxing. My passion for skin care came from my loving mother who was an esthetician in Russia. I worked with one of the best Dermatologists in Russia where I learned how to treat Acne and skin problems. When I moved to Haifa, Israel, I worked in one of the top salons specializing in European skin care, customized facials, and speed waxing. I then moved to Los Angeles and worked at three prestigious salons for a decade. After working with many different individuals with an array of skin types I have developed my own system of how I approach and customize skin care. Your skin represents you, so let me help you take care of your skin problems and teach you how to love your face!

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